Springfield Man Shoots and Injures Home Invader

Illinois Defensive Gun Use

News out of the Capitol this week as Springfield police are in the process of investigating a home invasion that ended in a lot of blood being shed, thankfully it appears all of it belonged to a person who made the idiotic decision to try and invade a gun owner’s home.

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Armed Citizen Stops Dolton Auto Shop Robbery

Chicago Ride-Share DGU

Last Wednesday night was certainly a hectic one for employees and customers at a Dolton Advance Auto Parts Store. Nobody expected their calm evening of business to be interrupted by a man with a gun but as you likely know, moments like these can appear out of thin air.

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Female Concealed Carrier Fires at Chicago Carjacker

Illinois Woman Kidnapped DGU

The city of Chicago’s Northwest side was the victim of gun violence on Friday, June 30th. That is a sentence that has become all too common in the recent years. However, the reasoning behind this shooting doesn’t have the same sinister overtones as so many of the others do. No, this shooting was one that you don’t often hear of from the state of Illinois. One that helped a threatened civilian defend themselves and their property.

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