Utah Florida and Arizona Permits for Illinois Residents

Currently the Illinois permit is honored in less than half of the states of this country. Illinois residents who travel a lot often inquire about how they can obtain permits from other states to allow them to increase the number of states where they can carry concealed. Here is your reciprocity with an Illinois Permit Only:

IL only

In our own estimation, the best case scenario for reciprocity for an Illinois resident would be to obtain a resident permit from Illinois and then obtain non-resident permits from Arizona, Florida, and Utah.

The Arizona is the simplest and most effective permit. After completing our Illinois Concealed Carry Course you can use the same training certificate to apply for your Arizona permit. NO ADDITIONAL CLASS IS NECESSARY. This single additional permit will add the following states to your list of states that honor your permits:

Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.


Here is your map with Illinois and Arizona:

IL and AZ

If you chose to also obtain your Florida permit that would add ONLY Florida to your list.

If you chose to also obtain your Utah permit that would add ONLY Washington to your list.

Here is Your Map with Illinois, Arizona, Florida, and Utah: