Patrick Jones

I am currently a law enforcement officer in which I trained over 18 years with firearms (pistols, shotguns and rifles). I have received tactical firearms  training from Master Firearms instructors certified by Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, FBI SWAT, Detroit Police SWAT, Michigan State Police SWAT and Spartan Tactical Training Group. I also have several years of carrying firearms concealed; working in the field of Executive Protection and Security Operations. I have a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and I’m a certified trainer in a variety of other areas.

Certificates of Training Include:

  • Law enforcement officer – State and Federal Certified
  • Armed Security Officer – Illinois Certified
  • Rapid Deployment Master Instructor – State Certified
  • Active Shooter – Trained by Michigan State Police (SWAT)
  • First Aid/CPR/AED – American Heart Certified
  • Basic SWAT Operator – State Certified
  • Ballistic Shield Instructor – State and FBI Certified
  • Extreme Close Quarter Combat – L.O.C.K.U.P System
  • Alcohol Breathalyzer  Operator – State Licensed
  • Firearms Instructor – State Certified & Registered
  • Field Training Officer – State Certified
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection – FEMA Certified
  • Leadership in Management – Federal Reserve System
  • Incident Command System – FEMA Certified
  • Explosives License – State Licensed
  • Illinois Medical Marijuana Act Instructor – State Certified