Female Concealed Carrier Fires at Chicago Carjacker

Illinois Woman Kidnapped DGU

The city of Chicago’s Northwest side was the victim of gun violence on Friday, June 30th. That is a sentence that has become all too common in the recent years. However, the reasoning behind this shooting doesn’t have the same sinister overtones as so many of the others do. No, this shooting was one that you don’t often hear of from the state of Illinois. One that helped a threatened civilian defend themselves and their property.

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Does Illinois Require Live Range Fire to Get A CCW Permit?

Across the country, the number of concealed carry permit applicants has been on the rise, however from state to state the rules to receive said permit can be quite different. For example. some states require concealed carry applicants to prove their handgun competency by firing the handgun as a prerequisite to applying.

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The State of Concealed Carry in Illinois

Noticeably absent, though, you would think would be Cook County, due to the high population of Chicago, and while there are over 47,000 concealed carriers in the county, its population is precisely why it not only isn’t in the top 25 counties

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