Carjackers Shoot Armed Citizen

Joliet, Illinois – A man was shot just before leaving for work on Monday morning by three armed men but was able to defend his life.

According to Patch, a resident with a home in the 2700 block of Arches Drive, was just about to get into his car to go to work at around 3:30 a.m. when he was approached by 2 masked men.

“Officers were able to determine that the victim had started his vehicle by using his remote start,” Joliet police said in a statement obtained by Patch. “The victim then exited his residence and opened the door of his vehicle to leave for work. When the victim opened the door, he was approached by two (people) wearing masks, one with a gun.”

Ambushed by the attackers, the victim tried to run away, but one of the men fired multiple shots at him, striking the homeowner in the leg.

The homeowner, wearing his legally concealed weapon in a holster, turned and fired at the robbers and causing them to flee the scene in a waiting get-away-cars staged nearby for the extraction of the criminals after completing their crime.

Responding police units quickly identified on of the escape vehicles and attempted to pull over the car. But as soon as the patrol car turned on lights and sirens, the suspect’s vehicle sped away, and a chase ensued until the car became trapped in a dead-end street.

Officers then arrested the occupants and they were taken in for questioning in connection with the shooting of the homeowner.

The victim was transported to Amita Health Saint Joseph Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries for treatment of his wounds.

No other injuries are reported at this time and Joliet Police Department reports the investigation is still ongoing.

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As this situation shows, defending your life is dangerous work and may end in you being injured. Having a quality medical kit nearby, in your home and car might help keep you alive until the paramedics can get to you.

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