Carjacker Shot and Killed In Chicago

A man was shot and killed attempting to steal a BMW near Ida B. Wells Dr. and State St. at around 0430 a.m. Friday.

The owner of a 2015 BMW told detectives a Volkswagen rear-ended him. The man first got out to look at the damage, then returned to the car for his cell phone.

That’s when the driver of the other vehicle got out and approached him with a gun drawn. The 22-year-old carjacker demanded the keys to the BMW and forced the owner inside.

Once inside the car, the owner was able to get a hold of his own gun and shot the would-be carjacker in the head. He was pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

According to police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, investigators recovered two guns at the crime scene, one licensed to be carried concealed by the victim who also has no criminal record, the other presumably belonging to the now deceased suspect.

He was taken in for questioning at the Area Central police station.

Guglielmi went on to say that the investigation is still on going,

“Detectives still have not made a determination as to whether charges are warranted,’’ Guglielmi said. “We have not found a link between the 41-year-old Chicago man and the offender, but we’re certainly looking at that to make sure that nothing could have precipitated this.”

This tactic, which criminals use to spring an ambush on their victims, is what is known as a “Bump and Rob.” The criminals purposely ram the target vehicle in order to get the driver to pull over. Then they attack when the driver tries to exchange insurance information.

Often, they will attempt to limit the damage if the target is a higher-end vehicle. However, if you are seen carrying expensive packages, criminals may initiate a “Bump and Rob” to steal them.

Know your enemy. Criminals are ambush predators looking to catch their prey off guard. The front door of your home is popular place to do this as well. Read here for a course on Door Ambush.

Do you know how to fight in and/or around vehicles? Crime happens near cars more often than almost anywhere else. Brush up on your Vehicle Firearm Tactics here.

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