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Once Again a Concealed Carrier in Chicago Helps Lower the Disastrous Crime Rate

Chicago Concealed Carry Shooting

Chicago continues to be the scene for rampant crime and yet the city and state government refuse to look towards more broad firearm ownership and proper firearm training as a way to curb the epidemic. However, that does not stop common everyday carriers from doing the right thing when called upon.

This incident occurred on Christmas Eve Night at around 6:15 PM when a concealed carry permit holder from neighboring Indiana was exiting a strip mall in the 1200 block of South Jefferson Street. The carrier was approached by a 37-year-old man later identified as Corey Haggard, who approached the carrier with a gun drawn and demanded the carrier’s belongings and cash.

Being an armed person himself and knowing the danger that he was facing the Indianan knew that action would have to be taken to assure his safety in the situation, so when Haggard thought the carrier was reaching into his pocket to get some cash his guard was down for just long enough for the carrier to draw his weapon and fire one round into the chest of the criminal.

After police and rescue teams reached the scene and took Corey Haggard away he was rushed to a nearby medical facility where he died just 5 hours later from his injuries.

Police say of the man who defended himself, he is 31 years old and a valid concealed carry license holder from neighboring Indiana. Now if you check your own concealed carry reciprocity map, Indiana permits are not valid in Illinois which may explain in part the hit piece that was put out against the carrier.

If you look at the Chicago Sun-Times telling of the story they couldn’t help themselves but put a link in the bottom of the article directing its readers to donate to organizations closely linked to gun-grabbers like Everytown For Gun Safety. I thought that the reason why the crime was stopped was because of a gun? So I guess we should ahead and make our donation and clean up the streets of law-abiding gun owners. At least that sure seems like what the Sun-Times wants us to do.

It is not known at this point if legal trouble will strike the defensive shooter so hopefully, he has himself some self-defense insurance available in case it is needed.

What do you think of this story? Do you think that a lack of a gun would have made Chicago safer in this case or do you think that a law-abiding, well-trained shooter did their duty? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. ray hammerquist July 12, 2018 at 5:22 pm #

    We have a right to recent ourselves

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