Chicago Man Shot While Invading Ex-Girlfriend’s Home

Chicago Ex-Boyfriend Shooting

Most folks have a story about a crazy ex-partner doing something that makes you so mad even their name makes you grit your teeth again. But not many of us have ever had to deal with their ex invading their home and needing a gun to handle the situation. However, that’s exactly what happened in Chicago on Thursday, November 2.

The incident occurred at around Noon in the city’s Park Forest neighborhood when 44-year-old Clinton Brown, armed himself with a firearm began to force his way into his ex-girlfriend’s residence. At the time there were at least two people in the residence, one of which was armed.

What followed was a short shootout as Brown began firing at the people in the house and those inside the house began firing back at Brown. It is unknown if the armed resident was, in fact, the ex-girlfriend of Brown at this time, but what is known is that the only person to walk out of this shootout with any injuries was the man who started it all, Brown himself. He was shot in the leg for his troubles of invading the home he had no right to enter in the first place.

After the lead finished flying and the police arrived, Clinton Brown was taken to the hospital for his injury and after a short amount of time he was transported to his new home for the foreseeable future, the Cook County Jail. Brown will be held there for 2 counts of attempted murder and home invasion.

As for the folks in the house who defended themselves against Brown’s attack, police stated that there will be no charges filed against them.

So another ending that is as happy as can be given the circumstances. A home defense without a single injury to the defenders and one attacker who will now be in jail for a very long time.

What do you think of this story? Do you feel you could have done as fine a job stopping the threat as the defenders in our story? Let us know in the comments below.

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