Gresham Man Attempts to Rob Woman, But Gets the Tables Turned on Him

Gresham DGU

People who claim that women are the weaker sex might wanna re-think their old time mindset after they hear this story from Gresham, this weekend.

At around 6:15 AM in the Chicago neighborhood, 23-year-old Dennis Evans was walking towards a woman at the 8000 block of South Ashland. When he reached her, Evans immediately showed her his firearm and demanded the woman’s items. Evans expected to get away scott-free with his robbery but didn’t expect that he just picked the wrong lady to mess with.

Instead of handing over her items to Evans, the woman’s fight or flight kicked in and it chose to fight all the way.

Quickly the woman began to wrestle with Evans for control of the gun. Doing whatever she could to save her own life, Evans no doubt attempting to escape with whatever he had.

But soon the woman had taken the gun away from Evans and not only managed to maintain control of it but she also managed to put a hole into the attacker’s hand.

It was after he sustained that injury that Evans knew he wasn’t going to get the better of this situation, so he decided to bolt from the scene in hopes of avoiding jail.

However, after the woman gave her report and identified the victim it was only a matter of time before someone spotted a gentleman fitting the description and bleeding profusely from his hand. Evans was quickly picked up by Cook County Police.

And in all of the chaos and fighting the woman who is the centerpiece of our story came out unscathed. Just proving that with the proper training you can save your own life.

What do you think of this story? Do you believe that women are just as capable as men at stopping attacks provided the training? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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