Female Concealed Carrier Fires at Chicago Carjacker

Chicago Woman DGU

The city of Chicago’s Northwest side had an odd carjacking that resulted in a woman shooting her gun. A 41-year-old woman was driving on West Ohio Street when she noticed a sudden slam on her car. She pulled over to inspect the damage, and as she did, one of two men ran up to her vehicle, jumped inside, and drove off with it leaving a second man behind. The second man, as it were, struggled to open the passenger’s side door during the carjacking.

Surveillance footage shows two men sitting in a sedan in front of the woman’s SUV and tried to steal the vehicle at the moment the she exited to inspect the damage.

Of the two men, only one made it into the woman’s car. The second man, who struggled to open the door ran down an alley, using his feet as his getaway.

It isn’t clear when, but at some point during the incident the woman drew her firearm, and began to shoot. One eyewitness claims that she opened fire well after the getaway happened, and there was no threat to her life, left.

As of the writing of this article, the investigation is still ongoing with Chicago police.

Many folks around the neighborhood are upset at her handling of this situation. Both because she fired off rounds in a residential neighborhood, and because the suspect was already far off in the car before shots rang out, according to witnesses.

Given the information that the public has received so far, what do you think was the best call here? Do you think this woman should have fired her gun or was this a negligent discharge in your mind? Let us know in the comments below.


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