Dropped Firearm Leads to Headache for McHenry County Judge


In February of this year, there was a story of a person who left a loaded handgun at the Woodstock, Illinois post office. Nobody was able to find the owner and the story was thought to be through there, but recent reports indicate that this neglectful lost firearm has taken an interesting turn. It turns out that the man who lost the firearm in February was a McHenry County associate judge, according to a police report obtained by the Northwest Herald.

As it turns out the person who dropped the handgun in February was a McHenry County associate judge, according to a Woodstock police report.

In February, a customer at the U.S. post office on Country Club Road in Woodstock found a loaded 9mm handgun on the floor. The gun didn’t have a bullet in the chamber but did have a full magazine.

The police department later tracked down the owner of the firearm, who recently was revealed to be Thomas Meyer, a judge in the McHenry County Circuit Court.

Meyer had a valid FOID card and an Illinois concealed carry permit. He told police at the time that he had the gun in a zippered pocket of his jacket and it had fallen out without him noticing.

Federal law prohibits guns in a variety of places, including post offices, regardless of concealed carry permits. The post office in Woodstock didn’t have the required notice sticker on its door at the time, however, and Meyer wasn’t federally charged.

“The post office is federal jurisdiction,” Woodstock’s Deputy Police Chief Jeffery Parsons said. “We reviewed the case with the state’s attorney, and there was really no Illinois statute that was violated at the time.”

So it appears that even though this issue of gross negligence with a firearm occurred, there will not be any legal issues facing the judge.

Do you agree that this was a simple mistake and should be left alone, or do you think it sets a bad example to the rest of us, that Judge Meyer got away with what could have landed others with a heavy fine? Let us know in the comment section, below.


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