Illinois Looking to Change Who Has Say in State’s Gun Control

Illinois State House

Illinois, and the Chicago region in particular has a huge problem with shootings at the moment, that is certain. Illinois also has a huge problem with legislation in regard to doing something about shootings. It seems that the state cannot get together and come up with a proposal that satisfies safety without trampling on rights.

It is a very difficult job to govern, that is certain. There are a lot of moving parts, and a situation such as gun control is a big topic to handle. So you would think that the fewer moving parts, the easier it would be to get to brass tacks and make a decision. Well the state government of Illinois may be heading the opposite way with that.

“We are asking the ILGA to allow locally elected representatives to do their jobs and represent the unique interests of their individual communities. They may choose to ask the question, they may choose not to. But at least allow them to have that debate,” said Nancy Rodkin Rotering, Mayor, Highland Park.

So what Illinois is now planning to do is take what was already a drawn out, ineffective debate in the state house and turn it into a similar debate in every community in the state. This is obviously not sitting well with guns rights groups such as the NRA or with Jay Keller from the Illinois Firearm Manufacturing Association, who is quoted as saying, “At the time we passed concealed carry was that we did not want 1299 different laws and 1299 different definitions.”

Debate is now starting for the bill, with no action yet taken on when or if it will move forward, but some of the talks have already begun.

“Work with us. Kids are dying, and it’s your products that are doing it. Find a way to help us protect your members. Because these guys out there shooting people aren’t your members,” said Sen. Don Harmon, D-Oak Park.

“You’re right sir, they’re not. And it’s not the products, it’s the people,” said a lobbyist for the NRA.

“Take the products away and let’s see how effective people are at killing each other,” responded Harmon.

This very same back-and-forth debate could soon be brought to your municipality 1,299 times over.

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