New Proposed Bills to Allow Concealed Carry in Illinois Public Transportation and Highway Rest Areas

Rep_Jerry_CostelloSince passing the concealed carry law in Illinois in July 2013 the state continues to explore how it can better serve and protect the 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms as citizens.

We already wrote some about a bill to help correctional officers and judges carry in courtrooms.

Now there are two more bills that would remove additional restrictions that are currently in place that prevent those with a valid concealed carry permit from carrying in Chicago and other public transportation such as a train or bus.

“There are many individuals throughout the state of Illinois who rely on public transit as their primary mode of transportation,” said Rep. Jerry Costello, D-Smithton, who is sponsoring House Bill 6047 allowing for concealed carry on public transportation. “I do not believe their Second Amendment rights should be infringed upon simply because they take a train or bus rather than driving their own vehicle.”

The Chicago Transit Authority disagrees with the proposal stating that allowing law abiding people who have taken 16 hours of gun training and passed a background check in order to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon would “bring an increased and significant safety risk to both customers and employees.” (Jeff Tolman w/ Chicago Transit Authority)

In addition another house bill would remove the current restriction on concealed carry at public rest stops along highways in Illinois.

We agree with these efforts and hope you will contact your representatives to urge them to support these bills.

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