Bill to Support Concealed Carry by Correctional Officers

brandon phelps

In an effort to expand the rights of Illinois citizens State Rep Brandon Phelps has put forth a bill that would ensure correctional officers and judicial workers can protect themselves.

“As Americans we have a right to bear arms and to protect ourselves from any potential threat, and our correctional officers need to have the ability to protect themselves and others from criminals,” Phelps said. 

Right now, even though a judge or correctional officer or attorney may have a concealed carry permit they are prohibited from having their firearm in places like courthouses. The bill would allow that these civil servants, with a permit, could carry in places that are otherwise off limits.

Gun owners have to jump through so many hoops before they can legally carry a concealed firearm, and this legislation is a common sense idea to make it easier for our correctional officers and those working to put away criminals to ensure their safety. -Phelps

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