Who Makes Up Your Survivalist Team?

survival team members to help you preparePrepping or being a survivalist isn’t something you can fully achieve on your own. While you are ultimately responsible for what you do and how prepared you are you still need to approach survival and preparedness as something you do with a team of people that support your efforts forward. Today’s article is meant to discuss who some of them more critical members of your team should be and what role they play in your prepping.

Your Family

Your spouse and children make up the most important part of your survivalist team. Their thoughts and efforts directly impact your preparedness on a daily basis. Each member of the household needs to be committed to goals like food storage, training, etc. If you haven’t already gotten everyone on board you need to consider what might be the barriers that are holding anyone back and how you can work with them to fully be part of the team.

Gun Instructor

Our company is first and foremost a firearm instruction team and so we want to impress the importance of firearm training but also the importance of having a firearm instructor you can call on when needed. Your instructor is a critical member of your team because he/she is available to you for occasional hands on training but also as an informational resource when it comes to gun law, best practices, political issues, and training technique generally speaking. If you liked the person who taught you your last formal training class reach out to them and ask if you can go to the range together sometime and keep their info handy for future questions. Make sure they are part of your team.


Pending a major disaster when the laws crumble, generally speaking you need to have a rough understanding of laws that effect your efforts (can you capture rain water, where can you carry your gun, etc) but after an incident has taken place your attorney becomes the most important member of your team to help defend you in a court of law. Don’t wait until after that incident to find and build a relationship with an attorney. Seek out an attorney now and make them part of your team.

Fitness Trainer / Medical

One of the most important parts of your survival is your own physical, mental, and emotional health and strength. Do you have the right people on your team to keep you sharp? Depending on your situation these people might include doctors, therapists, trainers, and other professionals that help you be and become your best self.

Support Group

Do you spend enough time with other preppers? One of the best assets you can have is a group of good friends who take survival as seriously as you do. This is where you will probably hear the best ideas, find out about the best products, and collectively pool resources to prepare for a disaster. Make sure your team consists of a strong support group.


Lastly, I like to think that subscribing to a few of the best email lists, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels for preppers is also an important part of staying up to date with the latest techniques, products, and ideas for being prepared. Think of those websites and publishers as an extended part of your team.

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