The Things You Need in the Safe Room During a Home Invasion

home defenseDuring a home invasion or other emergency, circumstances might lead you to isolate your family and defend a safe room.

Considering that home defense strategy I want to discuss some of the essential things you will need with you in that safe room if you are going to successfully defend it.

  1. An appropriate firearm for home defense.
  2. Extra ammunition, preferably already in spare magazines or speed loaders.
  3. A cell phone. If you can not reliably count on your cell phone being with you, you may want to invest in a prepaid phone that is stored there permanently.
  4. An extra set of house keys should you need to toss house keys out a window to law enforcement when they arrive on scene. The alternative is you having to leave the room and make your way to the front door to let them in.
  5. The necessary means to escape out a window if needed. If you are on an upper level of the house you will need an emergency ladder. These also come in handy during home fires so best to have one in every upper level bedroom.
  6. Light. A few strong flashlights with extra batteries as well as a firearm mounted light if possible.
  7. Something to provide cover. An object large enough that you and the family can find protection behind it and which is strong enough to protect you from small arms fire.

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