Congress Passed a Law that Blocks the EPA From Blocking Ammunition

Going into the 2015 Thanksgiving holiday President Obama signed into law a new provision included in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 that will prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from asserting Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) authority over ammunition. According to the NSSF Press Release:

In recent years, radical anti-hunting organizations have been trying to force the EPA to issue a regulation under TSCA to ban traditional ammunition made with lead components. Had they prevailed it would have resulted in detrimental impacts on countless manufacturing facilities and increased costs to the Department of Defense. In addition, the assertion of TSCA jurisdiction over traditional ammunition would have resulted in considerable reductions to the excise taxes ammunition manufacturers pay on the sale of their products that is a critical source of wildlife and habitat conservation funding throughout the country.

The passage of this new provision blocks the EPA’s efforts to try to regulate ammunition manufacturing or sales in any way! Great work to Thornberry and McCain who worked on including the language necessary to clarify that the EPA doesn’t have jurisdiction here.

Obama National Defense Authorization Act of 2015

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